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    Practices for both squads are 2-3 nights per week from 6:30-8pm. 


    Ocala Youth Cheer Association needs Sponsors like you !

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    2021 Volunteer Registrtion

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    We are soooo excited for our  2021 Season!!! This season we will have 2 squads. Ocala Fury Littles will be ages 5-10, and Ocala Fury Seniors will be ages 11-18!!!! We are looking forward to an AWESOME season!!!! Please contact Coach Debi for info on the Littles squad, and Coach Valerie for the Senior squad.


    Registration link should be up next week.
    The price will be $125.00 per individual,  families with 3 plus children $300.00

    125.00 will require to be paid in full or $50.00 at time of registration with $25.00 due on March 1, May 1, and July 1.

    Family in full or 100.00 up front with $50.00 due March 1,May 1,June 1,and July 1.

    I will add the pay offline option as well like previous years. But please keep in mind if you choose this option payment needs to be made no later than July 1st.  If you are having financial difficulties before July payment due please reach out to myself  or Valerie.



    Ocala Youth Cheer Association

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    Countdown till 1st practice of 2021-22 Season



    OcalaYouth Cheer Association needs sponsors like you !!

    Ocala Fury relys on Sponsors throughout the season to help offset costs

    associated with Competitions and travel!!


    Attention Parents!

    All paperwork will need to be turned in on the 1st day of Practice.

    Including copy of Birth Certificates and Medical release forms.

    Regular Season Registration

    Regular season Registration starts on April 19th and Runs till September 1st 

    Covid 19

    Covid 19  guidelines:

    1. Any cheerleader or coach that has symptoms of an illness may not participate in practice. If you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea and/or vomiting. If your cheerleader is ill, it will not count against them.

    2. Parents/visitors are encouraged to wait in their vehicles at practice. If you are at practice, social distancing must be maintained. If Social distancing cannot be maintained, a face covering will be mandatory.

    3. Cheer coaches should maintain the 6ft rule when not stunting.

    4. All cheerleaders must practice social distancing at practice(except when stunting.)

    5. No one should share bottles of water, Clothing, bags...etc

    6. All coaches should have with them at practice hand sanitizer.

    We are looking forward to a great season despite the set backs.

    Now let's get FURY-US

    Ocala Fury

    Founded in August 2016 as a competitive cheer only division of American Youth Football/Cheer, boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18. 

    Our goal is, to show boys/girls they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

    To Build life-long friendships between our boys/girls, coaches, and families. To follow the standards set forth by the American Youth Cheer/Football Association which was founded in 1996.

    • To provide a wholesome competitiveness within the scope of our rules and regulations that will protect the youth football player and cheerleader.
    • To coordinate cheerleader activities.
    • To provide a responsible cheerleading program where none is provided by the public schools.
    • To influence good sportsmanship, teamwork, highest moral and physical standards and the importance of scholarship and academic achievement.
    • To lend leagues support while remaining NON-INTRUSIVE to local operations.
    • To make Youth Cheer ALL-INCLUSIVE by not excluding participants based on superficial factors (such as weight)

    Contact Us

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    Phone: 555-555-5555

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    What makes you great? Include a sentence or two about your organization here. 

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    What makes you great? Include a sentence or two about your organization here.